Adithya B. Panicker

Final Year, B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Trichy.

Being able to attend these sessions given by Thomas Sir, was an invaluable experience for me, as I am currently in my final year of college, preparing for interviews for getting into corporate jobs. Sir gave me very detailed feedback on the minute things I was doing, which had a big impact on my presentation. I was able to learn a lot from his experience and knowledge in the industry and it felt very fruitful. The effect it had on my interview handling was quite noticeable, as I was able to go into interviews and group discussions with much better confidence and preparation. I was also able to understand the areas I had to improve on, over the long term in order to move ahead in my career aspirations. So, this was a very enriching experience for me.

Nibin Stanly

MBA Program - Middlesex University, London, UK Sales & Marketing

Geepas Academy has helped me realize my aspirations to study masters abroad and build a good career. It has been an incredible learning experience for me. The quality of their courses and the expertise of their instructors have truly exceeded my expectations. Thomas Sir's class is an eye opener for job seeking persons. Especially during the interview training process and the group discussion round, I got to understand the perspective of the interview panel. These sessions have definitely enhanced my effectiveness in my personal and professional life.

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Aramex Emirates, LLC, Dubai. Freight Customs Operations Executive Logistics Department

What differentiates me from the earlier and later sessions is, where I am as a person now. I continued to attend all these sessions to the best of my ability despite my lack of confidence. Now there is great joy in my heart as I will definitely move forward holding on to the confidence and optimism I have gained. My self-confidence was very low before attending the sessions. In the beginning, I thought, if it was really meant for me. But within fifteen minutes into the session some of the points made by Thomas Sir gave me a boost of confidence. My mind cooled and I realized that this is for me and that I can do it, which led me to take the next session. As I moved further into each session, I learnt what I needed and didn't need for an Interview Preparation Program. The Group Discussion sessions gave me confidence and courage to participate in the classes ahead. Sir showed us how to move forward fearlessly not only in the interview but also in our current life and how to give the right answer to the interviewer's question with a humble smile. Thanks a lot Sir for conducting sessions like these, as they are given by experienced people like you. To be able to point out what is needed to prepare for Interviews and Group Discussions without being boring at all. Whatever doubts remain after each session, are cleared by Sir without asking. That’s how Sir has made these sessions a very enriching experience. Thank you very much Thomas Sir for making our big dream come true with these ten sessions and hope that you will be able to bring all the imperfect persons to complete perfection. The optimism that I have gained and the great hope for my future will be the beginning.

Rajendra Kumar

Dubai (UAE)

I attended the ‘Interview Handling & Group Discussion Course with Geepas Academy. It was a wonderful experience for me as the Live Sessions were given by Thomas Nellissery Sir.  The course is very effective in boosting our level of confidence. Also, it was remarkable in a way that Thomas Sir shared valuable information and tips on how to groom ourselves for Personal Interview and Group Discussion. The mock interview session and its assessment helped me to understand a lot about how to perform in an interview. The GD round session was also very positive and productive. I learned a lot from the points, that we need to follow when we are handling or participating in a Group Discussion.  Thomas sir also shared many valuable tips points that would help us in future career building.

Ahmed Yaseen CK

Hailing from Kerala residing in Dubai

The support and knowledge I gained at Geepas Academy are priceless—so much information and a better insight into our skillset helped in my personal and professional growth. The academy covers every topic I needed help with, and even more I didn't know I needed help with. Thomas Sir have been very focused, truly motivating, kind, and generous, and he provide a huge amount of support in every way they can.

Ibrahim Khaleel CK

Hailing from Kerala residing in Dubai

Joining Geepas Academy was one of those transformative experiences I didn't know I needed until I signed up. It was truly a great learning experience to be mentored by Thomas Sir, sharing knowledge, experience, and encouragement in every session. This is the best choice I have made for myself, and I feel honored to be a part of it.

Gokul Vivek, Bahrain

ACCA, Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance CMA USA, Logic School of Management
Bcom Final Year , Indian Academy, Indira Gandhi Open University

I didn't expect to learn so much from this course. I'm so surprised on the level of detail and insight that I was able to learn from Thomas Sir. The sessions taken on ''How to prepare for Interviews and Group Discussions" were extremely helpful. I found the whole course informative and engaging. I would highly recommend this course for beginners and people who are looking for a way to get into the corporate world. I have to admit that the things I've learned here are so valuable and hard to find somewhere else. Thank you Geepas Academy for such a beautiful course.

Junaid Haris

Final Year B Tech Mechanical Engineering from NIT Rourkela

I want to express my appreciation for the assistance I received from Geepas Academy during my interview preparation and group discussion sessions. Before the session, I often found myself nervous and unprepared during job interviews, struggling to articulate my thoughts clearly. However, Thomas Sir provided insightful guidance on effective communication, body language, and crafting compelling responses to attend interviews. The structured approach, coupled with interactive sessions provided a well-rounded preparation experience. Thomas Sir offered valuable insights and practical tips that played a crucial role in enhancing my communication skills.. The acquired skills and knowledge have proven instrumental in my ongoing personal and professional growth. The practical tips and real-life scenarios discussed during the session were incredibly enlightening.

Learning is a life long journey, where this is no terminal stop.

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